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                                                Robert D. Ryan 

Rob Ryan is the firm's founding member.  He earned his law degree from  the University of  Arizona in 1992, graduating at the top of his law school class magna cum laude.  Out of law school, Rob clerked for the Honorable Justice C. Clifton Young of the Nevada Supreme Court.  After that prestigious appointment in Nevada, Rob returned to the Valley of the Sun where he further honed his legal skills as a trial lawyer.

Over the past two decades, Rob has represented numerous clients in both Arizona and Nevada in complex litigation matters, focusing his practice on the areas of insurance law, commercial litigation, and personal injury.  He is licensed to practice law in both Arizona and Nevada, and continues to represent clients in both states

With respect to his insurance practice, Rob has successfully represented a variety of consumers, insureds, and businesses in insurance bad faith actions to recover damages for rights wrongfully deprived under their insurance policies.  Indeed, over the past decade, his practice has become centrally focused on the representation of policyholders and consumers victimized by their insurance companies.  He has litigated and resolved more than a 100 insurance bad faith actions over that time period, recovering millions for his clients in the process.  Among those cases, he has secured settlements on several occasions for the client in excess of $1,000,000. 

Rob has also defended policyholders when they are sued, representing lawyers, architects, and engineers in the defense of their rights when sued for professional negligence.  He has a unique and experienced understanding of the complexities involved in the professional negligence case, having successfully defended clients in litigation involving colossal monetary exposure.  Rob has also represented different businesses and business professionals in litigation matters ranging from construction disputes to employment matters to contractual enforcement. 

In the personal injury setting, Rob is an experienced and tireless advocate for his clients having prosecuted numerous complex personal injury cases.  He has achieved truly remarkable results on his clients' behalf through an aggressive yet insightful approach to litigation aimed at maximizing the individual client's recovery.

Rob firmly believes that every client that comes through the firm's doors--be it an aggrieved insured, successful professional or personal injury victim--deserves nothing less than aggressive, smart and compassionate representation.   He remains personally and immediately accessible to each of the firm's clients, something that is rarely found among members of the legal profession.  "We're hired to be there for our clients, so we are, with no exceptions."  Rob also believes that his firm: "Must bring all of its talents, experience, and resources to bear in tirelessly representing each client in every given case."  It is Rob's commitment to these principles that have made him one of the most respected trial advocates in Arizona.




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